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The most fashionable first lady

Le 28 août 2013, 04:20 dans Humeurs 0

If we want to select a fashion lady who is most influential and representative in last century,
Jacqueline Kennedy is undoubtedly the most suitable person. She left a deep impression on us in the American history. She was not only a beloved wife of American president John Kennedy but also had an insuperable statue in the fashion industry.

Jacqueline was born in a rich family in American. She owned beautiful garden, favorite horse and book since she was born. And she was deeply influenced by Audrey Hepburn and Chanel when she was still a little girl.

From the early times when she took part in the campaign along with her husband Kennedy, her elegant evening dress, white gloves, hat and bag became a classical picture of her. Each time, her pretty appearance became focus of people all over the world. As first lady of American, it was a critical question to make her complicate dressing stand out in the campaign. Jacqueline knew exactly to build her stunning style by using lots of pearl and retro ornaments.

She was beloved by people as a first lady, especially women who modeled her, learning her manners, speech, behavior and evening her dressing. Her each word, manner and dressing detail left us with an endless aftertaste. She had her own view on dressing, which successfully advocated the fashion trend of America. After half a century, Edith Head, the Hollywood notable fashion designer, said she was a best dresser in the history. Editor-in-chief of the Fashion magazine said Jacqueline brought taste and elegance to the White House and even America.

No matter how life changes, people’s pursuit of fashion remains unchanged. She lost her husband at the age of 34, and then she married Aristotle Sokratis Onassis, a Greek shipping tycoon who was as rich as a country. From then on, a new dawn came to her life. And the fans imitated her new image: extravagant jewels, symbolic sunglasses and luxurious evening dress of Gipsy style.

Of course, Jacqueline had to thanks her good friend and designer Oleg Cassini who helped build up her icon image. In the autumn of 1960, Jacqueline asked Cassini to make an original closet of the first lady for her. Since then, many of her style made by Cassini went down to posterity and became classical style in the fashion history. Including the light yellow brown coat and evening dress she wore on Inauguration Day. Since Cassini’s successful design for the first lady, there had been no design work that could compete with his early design. In the recent one or two years, a nostalgic wind waved in the fashion industry, leading to the reappearance of Jacqueline’s knee-high suit skirt, turndown collar cost, sleeveless A shape Lace Prom Dresses uk 
 gloves and cap with a flat circular top.

Jacqueline left a deep impression on people at her times. She showed others her real charming of vivid character. Times has passed, but her beauty still remains in our heart. She is still worthy of imitation for the fashion industry. 



Gorgeous wedding adventure

Le 17 août 2013, 05:07 dans Humeurs 0

Although it is the easy way, the stereotyped pattern wedding can be a little too boring! How can it be so mediocre for the most important life event? Wanting a wedding with unique special flavor, in fact, it is not difficult. You can wear a very special wedding dress, or you can have a gorgeous wedding adventure. Now we will give you wedding shows in a colorful and exciting way. Making your own wedding unforgettable, then hurry up.

One, embracing in the thrill of bungee jumping

This is a very popular outdoor project, but not all people dare to use it in the wedding. So how about being the first one to experiences it. The place of bungee projects generally has good scenery. Thinking that in the place like paradise, you snuggle with him almost the equivalent of 10-storey high. This moment you could not find any other dependents apart from each other. Getting ready for it, a step forward you may be lost to the abyss, but because he will be there, this fear has become less daunting. Anyway, no matter what, your fates are tied together. What could be better than this time feeling each other’s precious?

Two, in the air about 30,000 feet

In the air, jump with him romantically - at thirty thousand feet in altitude. Here the air is thin; the sun is warm and exceptionally pure. Leap into the broad sky, the wind whistling in the ears, pursuing his presence. You can experience the feeling further from the sun; you can penetrate the layers of floating clouds. In the crazy experience of the rapid drop, you look at each other and strive to close together. Gosh, just so romantic!

Three, a chic highway wedding

Borrowing a car big enough from a friend or rent a limousines, decorating the windows with colorful crystal sticker, putting a guitar and taking enough washing clothes for this trip, well, let’s set off right now - - to ensure that you both have not expired driver’s license. Arbitrary destination, you can go away from the city hustle and bustle to the natural raw field or the warm and comfortable seaside town. You go from here to there ...... you are always on the road. And your love is like the road stretches no end in sight. You can sing, laugh, and chat unscrupulously.

Four, undersea adventure

It seems there is a hotel built in the sea, in which you can enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery and see a variety of bizarre sea creatures. Think about it, surrounded by quiet waters, you seem to live in a wonderful secluded place; all the world’s troubles and noise are far away from you. In this quiet romantic place, enjoy your wedding journey seriously. If the funds are insufficient to support going underwater hotel, in fact, diving to the depth of sea is also pretty good experience. You can experience the serene and warm of the deep waters......


These people think the general form of the wedding is too common; they desire to leave an indelible mark in their life’s journey. So they travel to climb the peak and dauntless go skydiving...... How about you, do you want your wedding different?

Kolorowa sukienka w kwiaty, koronkowy cardigan i naszyjnik z mchem

Le 14 août 2013, 04:19 dans Humeurs 0

Another colorful dress with flowers - this time with rozkloszowanym bottom :) On top I wore a lacy bright cardigan, and in addition I added matching accessories: a quilted bag and a flesh-colored heels. I think that deserves special attention the original, hand-made necklace. Small glass bottle was filled with moss and earth truest - it looks really original! The pictures were taken back in May :)
Angielski version:
This is my next colorful flower dress - this time with flared bottom. On the top I have a light lace cardigan from . Besides of it, I choose also nicely matched accessories like a nude high heels from Asos and a quilted armbag from . I would like to pay your attention especially on the original and handmade pendant. This little glass bottle was filled with a soil and moss from < here >. It looks really incredible! :)

If like me you love dresses with flowers, it probably is shown below as you like it :) The most captivated me the material from which it was made - cotton white fabric decorated with a very feminine design in pinks. I liked the highlighted figure fashion - built front, cut back, which nicely reveals the back and down in the shape of a tulip. The dresses added a subtle touches such as cream quilted bag and a set of jewelry. I think that the creation of such a great example, check for a wedding - it is in fact an elegant and very feminine! ;)
Angielski version:
If, like me, you love floral clothes, you will probably like this one :) The roses cotton fabric of this dress from  AX Paris  is amazing - it's very girly and cute! But I too love the open back and the bottom. Thereto I added a subtle accessories dry as a cream quilted bag and a set of jewelry fromromwe . That I think this is a great outfit for a wedding party - it's elegant and very feminine! ;) view more

Lace? I guess I never get bored! ;) Dress by WalG that I'm wearing consists of a white top and dark blue bottom rozkloszowanego, making it simple and elegant. Attached to the white bar nicely emphasizes the waist and gives it a girlish charm. The creation added a rectangular black bag retro and ring with flower and pearl - these great additions to it composed a.Corset Prom Dresses uk
Angielski version:
A dress that WalG that I'm wearing today Consists of a white top and a dark blue flared bottom - thanks to them, it is simple and elegant. The white belt, that was attached to it, nicely emphasizes my waist and looks cute. Thereto I added a retro black bag from  and a gold ring from .view more

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